F Plus Episode 47

47: In The World of Dragon Dildos, Is The Chin-Wattle Man King?


I'd like you all to think back to the time that you were at an adult video store browsing the various "marital aids" that the store had available. Don't be shy to admit it, we're all friends here! Now... you remember looking at some of the more ridiculous products and giggling with your significant other over the thought of "Who would actually buy this thing?" This episode is like that, but way worse. We're focusing on the community of Bad Dragon, an online retailer of sex toys accurately modeled after the genitals of creatures that don't actually exist. This week, The F Plus visits the astral plane and gets busted by vice cops.

  1. Enter The Dragon Theme
  2. Sisqo - Unleash The Dragon
  3. Peter Paul and Mary - Puff The Magic Dragon