F Plus Episode 296

296: SWORDS!!!

Boots Raingear

The world can be a scary place, and that's why the folks at BUDK Worldwide are there, day after day, to use that fear as a tool to sell cheap worthless crap to rubes with self esteem problems. We're here for the swords, but there's a lot of categories on offer here and it's easy to get distracted.

This week, The F Plus opens the box and BAM THE FREAKING BANKAI SWORD OF ICHIGOS

  1. The Jesus Lizard - The Art of Self-Defense
  2. Twisted Sister - Under The Blade

Additional Fun

  1. I know we've brought it up before, but bbillyk will absolutely destroy these plastic bottles (YouTube)
  2. Kenny Powers' trike (image)
  3. Swords Against Ridiculism (a ballp.it thread)
  4. From BUDK: cargo shorts, flip flops, and a shillelagh (photo)