F Plus Episode 188

188: We Still Have Questions


We've asked a lot of questions on this podcast, but often the answers have not been satisfactory. I'm sure that's a trend that's going to change as we visit Quora: A top-ranked question & answer aggregator with a billion dollar valuation and the slogan "The best answers to any question". So we're all feeling super confident we'll get the best answers to questions like "Can Plants Fart?", "Why Aren't There Dinosaur Ghosts?" and of course the perennial favorite "How Can I Increase My Sex Power?"

This week, The F Plus is being very progressive with our fetishes.

  1. Bad Religion- The Answer
  2. Frank Zappa- Why does it hurt when I pee?​
Chapters provided by birdie
1 00:00:00 carry on my wayward son
2 00:00:20 introduction: whether to ignore the boner or not
3 00:02:30 dating, socialization, and boners
4 00:08:20 sorry about king dong
5 00:10:10 my fetish is progressive
6 00:14:20 farting means I love you
7 00:17:17 hot chick probability theorem
8 00:22:35 masterbaustion removes the sheen
9 00:29:47 GET USED TO IT!
10 00:31:35 a gross diagram
11 00:33:31 boners... in space??
12 00:39:45 sex power, moon poops, & the scent of björk
13 00:51:38 boner jams
14 00:59:10 what did we learn?