Suffer The Little Children

42: Suffer The Little Children

Most will agree that the decision to have a child is not one to be taken lightly, and in a modern world with new and complicated parenting concerns, some will remain resolute to never…

Lemon Types In A Title For This Episode

41: Lemon Types In A Title For This Episode

The multiple award winning screenwriter Billy Wilder once said "Don't be too clever for an audience. Make it obvious. Make the subtitles obvious also." To that end, I think…

I'm So Lonesome I Could Post On This Forum

40: I'm So Lonesome I Could Post On This Forum

Despite various expensive websites strongly promoting their "social" aspects, the fact remains that internet forums are a fairly antisocial experience. You sign in with an…

Hoc Est Praecipue De Buttsex

39: Hoc Est Praecipue De Buttsex

With all of the various sexual proclivities which the internet has allowed us to examine, it's sometimes easy to forget that there were actually perverts writing perverted things long…

Let Your Subconscious Be Your Guide

38: Let Your Subconscious Be Your Guide

People say that most human beings only use ten percent of their brains. The thing is, people who say that are lying to you. I mean, we have MRIs. All that glowing red stuff? That's the…

By Demons Be Driven (Insane)

37: By Demons Be Driven (Insane)

Outside the walls of your apartment lie complications that are difficult and confusing. What will traffic be like on the way to work? If I go to the restaurant I like, will I get the…

Not As Funny With The Sound Off

36: Not As Funny With The Sound Off

Welcome to the exciting world of the ANIMATION COMMUNITY! A land of milk, honey, and nasally whines about the artistic merits of Quick Draw McGraw! Did you know that cartoons are the…

Without Adult Supervision

35: Without Adult Supervision

When John's unavailable, Boots can't talk, and Lemon's internet dies, should the remaining ridiculists record an episode anyway? That's for you to decide! This episode we're discussing…

This Is What You Want? This Is What You Get!

34: This Is What You Want? This Is What You Get!

This episode of The F Plus is all stuff you've given to us. We start out with the psychotic racial and gender views of MAI-TRANG THI NGUYEN (PRONOUNCED AS ‘WIN), who thinks she is God. O…

A Frottage In The Woods

33: A Frottage In The Woods

Jesus! Are you back finally!? Yes we are and thank you very much for asking. The F Plus finally shambles out of its involuntary vacation to bring you unpleasantness you'll probably…

Excessive, Overwraught and Annoying

32: Excessive, Overwraught and Annoying

Pitchfork Media, often referred to as either "tastemakers" or "douchenozzles", depending on the source, have done the impossible: They have built a successful…

F Plus Live 1 | Part One

F Plus Live 1 | Part One

A City Pages Certified A-List Event! Bunnybread: Sliding Into Home by Kendra Wilkinson Lemon: The Day I Shot Cupid by Jennifer Love Hewitt Boots Raingear: The Ice Opinion by Ice T…

F Plus Live 1 (part two)

F Plus Live 1 (part two)

The live shenanigans continue, louder and drunker than before! STOG: Behind The Bell by Dustin Diamond John Toast: The Way Of The Master by Kirk Cameron Jack Chick: Wild by Fabio…

The Antisocial Network

31: The Antisocial Network

With an registered userbase of over 500 million, Facebook has not been hindered much by niggling security concerns. Enter YourOpenBook. A site which, like Google, searches through all…

No Sense of Decency

30: No Sense of Decency

With a two-party system, and an entrenched media bias favoring the status quo, often it is difficult for less established candidates to have their views heard. As a duty to the country…

Shorts Bonanza 2010

Shorts Bonanza 2010

Back in 2010, we had a bunch of shorts up in the feed, all of which were accompanied with a plug for the first F Plus Live. Then when we switched the site over, those files were taken…

The Netflix Revue

29: The Netflix Revue

With six million registered members, Netflix has become a dominant force in the entertainment industry. In fact, the recommendations given to you each time you sign in to the Netflix…

But What If They're All Crappie?

28: But What If They're All Crappie?

If spending sixteen hours a day on the internet is the reason why you can't get a date, you can solve your problem by stepping away from the computer every once in a while and having a…

Sub Sub Pop

27: Sub Sub Pop

The internet isn't only a place for for shut-ins to discuss their fetishes. It's also a place where self-aggrandizing attention sluts ceaselessly bludgeon the public with their own…

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The Christmas Offensive

12: The Christmas Offensive

So as it turns out, we were prevented from releasing the hackneyed Christmas Episode, and so instead are releasing the slightly less hackneyed Christmas In July Episode. This one…

Ranch Dressing & Other Delights

26: Ranch Dressing & Other Delights

Since 1998, throngs of internet users have come to AllRecipes.Com to learn how to make the meals they've been dreaming of, and share recipes of their own. It's a site visited by…

Porno For Pyros (Except With Sex Instead of Fire)

25: Porno For Pyros (Except With Sex Instead of Fire)

It's been said that communication is key to a healthy relationship. It's also been said that when your sex life cools, lovers should watch pornographic films together. But what if your…

In The Family [short]

In The Family [short]

This is a short horror script by a currently undiscovered screenwriter named Chris Keaton which we've decided to read. Hopefully this will catapult Mr. Keaton to the Hollywood success…

Violet, You're Turning Violet, Violet

24: Violet, You're Turning Violet, Violet

The internet is awash with the peculiar fetishes of peculiar people. Often times, these fetish websites will host photo and video of the behavior being performed for the amusement of…

Mexican (Woah Oh) Radio

23: Mexican (Woah Oh) Radio

With the American economy in a recession and the unemployment rate maintaining at around 10%, a number of American citizens are looking for people to blame for these problems. And…

This One's Mainly About Buttsex

22: This One's Mainly About Buttsex

The internet can, depending on the topic and the website, be an extraordinarily useful source of information. All over the world, people are using the internet for peer reviewed…


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