F Plus Episode 55

55: The Ship Vas Crash Like Boom


When you hear the words "bad fiction", there's a lot of different things that might come to mind. Perhaps you think of the works of completely inept but infuriatingly popular writers like Dan Brown or Danielle Steel. And one day, we'll get to writers like those. But for now, we have Storyprovider - a Finnish fanfic writer who, in a sentence, will misspell as many words as he spells correctly. This week, The F Plus would like to recommend the Army Fried Gyu.

  1. Seeed - Ding
  2. Serious Sam Second Encounter - Christmas Fight Music
  3. John Williams - Indiana Jones Theme
  4. John Williams - Star Wars Theme
  5. John Williams - Superman Theme
  6. Seeed - Dancehall Caballeros
  7. Seeed - Tight Pants