F Plus Episode 57

57: Gotta Poke 'Em All

Boots Raingear

Since the dawn of the moving picture, studios have produced cartoons to appeal to a younger audience. These cartoons are typically colorful, whimsical, and unscrupulously cynical in their approach to selling merchandise to an impressionable and undiscerning fanbase. And since the dawn of the internet, this very same fanbase has demonstrated their psycho-sexual attraction to these cartoons that only wanted to sell them junk. To that end, we present you with Pokégirls - one man's fantasy to create an entire race of anthropomorphic beastgirls forced into sexual servitude and apparently being fine with it. This week on The F Plus, we take The Elite Whore Challenge*.

(Portaxx assures us that joke is funny.)

  1. Smashing...Live! - Pokemon Medley
  2. Pokemon Black/White OST - To Their Respective Futures