F Plus Episode 50

50: What's Louisville Got To Do With It?


Over the last couple months, the so-called "legitimate press" has spent time talking about the extension of the USA PATRIOT Act, legislation which has allowed the US Government to secretly monitor its citizens since 2001. But really, so what!? It barely makes a hill of beans of difference when you consider the sophisticated audio, video, microwave, laser and improvizational surveillance which the goverment has put in place specifically to annoy some woman named Connie Marshall. This week, The F Plus rethinks their millinery choices. (Look it up)

  1. Dead Milkmen - I Against Osbourne
  2. Mojo Nixon - My TV Is Watching Me
  3. TI ft/ Rhianna - Live Your Life
  4. Soul Coughing - Unmarked Helicopters