F Plus Episode 54

54: Yum, Slurp and Drool

Boots Raingear

This is an episode all about vore. If you don't know what the word "vore" means, then you can consider yourself morally pure. You don't spent a lot of time on the internet looking up creepy fetishes, and you're probably living a healthier and more productive life because of it. Unlucky for you, you're about to lose that innocence. Vore is a fetish wherein people eat other people. It's not cannibalism, that's something else. This is a thing about people eating other people whole. I'm sure the community for this will be well-rounded and reasonable. This week, The F Plus asks to Super Size our meal.

  1. Tone Lōc - If I'm Gonna Eat Somebody
  2. Sheb Wooley - Purple People Eater
  3. Toto Coelo - I Eat Cannibals