It'll Shock Ya Earlobes

It'll Shock Ya Earlobes

Part two of the Juggalo podcast continues with the Topix thread on the subject of Slipknot sucking. After that, it's off to the Juggalo dating site, to meet the founder and learn about…

F**kin' Podcasts: How Do They Work?

F**kin' Podcasts: How Do They Work?

Juggalos are a group of people who dress up in face paint and carry plastic hatchets because they're really into a white rap group who does just that. Making fun of juggalos on the…

Idyll Hands and the Devil's Workshop

20: Idyll Hands and the Devil's Workshop

On the internet, there's a whole lot of people writing poetry, which begs the question: Is any of it any good? Probably. But it's not like we're doing this to find people with talent.…

So Far I Have Not Found The Science

19: So Far I Have Not Found The Science

To start this episode off, we took a look at the popular television show Mythbusters, or to be more specific: Fans of Mythbusters who have odd predilictions for things that happen on…

Cut My Life Into Pieces, This Is My Last Resort

18: Cut My Life Into Pieces, This Is My Last Resort

This episode, we take a brief but ever-insightful dip into the minds of teenagers. From rants about how parents don't understand, to indecipherable poetry about blood, to the simple…

My Malleable Mannequin

17: My Malleable Mannequin

We're talking about the kind of romance that the powers that be in Hollywood just don't seem to focus on for some reason. Be it the Ruby 13, Teddy Babe, RSSD, or the popular Real Doll…

The Doublegay Conservaganza

The Doublegay Conservaganza

To tide you over until the next recording hits the digital airwaves, here's two outtakes from Episode 14: A Conservative Estimate. What we have is two subjects on the topic of…

Press X To Not Live

16: Press X To Not Live

This week, we look at the concept of Video Games as Art from several different angles. First, we take a trip to the forums of The Escapist, where members get awards for watching…

An Otherworldly Experience

15: An Otherworldly Experience

It shouldn't be surprising for you to learn that there's groups of people who believe they've been abducted by aliens. Nor should it be surprising to learn that people have elaborate…

A Conservative Estimate

14: A Conservative Estimate

If there's one thing that Conservatives, as a whole, have decided about the internet, it's that it has a liberal bias. YouTube has femmy kids crying about Britney Spears, so…

Faster Pussycat! Ki! Ki!

13: Faster Pussycat! Ki! Ki!

Japanese cartoons and videogames have popularized the idea that standing still and screaming somehow allows you to conjure glowing balls of energy to be used for combative purposes.…

A Feeling of Kinship

11: A Feeling of Kinship

Otherkin is a word used to describe a group of people who believe that, in addition to being human, they also have the soul of some other creature, which is typically a dragon, a…

Sex Is Personals

10: Sex Is Personals

While Lemon takes a week off from the F Plus podcast, the rest of the group soldiers on with readings of Craigslist ads. Ladies, have you been looking for a man who will sodomize you…

The Transformers Radio Variety Hour

9: The Transformers Radio Variety Hour

Deviating ever so slightly from our typical podcast formula, this is a dramatic reading of two different pieces of Transformers fanfiction. One is called Ravage 3 Bodies Evolution, and…

Blood & Sparkles

8: Blood & Sparkles

Twilight, as you are no doubt aware, is a poorly written series of books. Which has since become a poorly written series of movies. And yet, despite the undeniable crapulence of the…

Let's Hit Each Other!

Let's Hit Each Other!

An outtake from episode seven, this one was just too precious to not give to you immediately. A straight man from Oslo goes to gay bar to demonstrate his pick-up routines. Profound…

(Point To Schlong)

7: (Point To Schlong)

This week, we read the work of pick up artists and the seduction community, a thing made popular by Mystery and other likeminded douchebags with stupid hats. Using their methods (as…

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Too Much Paranoias

6: Too Much Paranoias

Ever feel like there's a global conspiracy of random strangers who exist solely to harass, annoy, belabor, and confuse you. If you don't have schizophrenic tendancies, you probably…

Weight Weight Don't Tell Me

5: Weight Weight Don't Tell Me

This week, The F Plus aims to go big, AS BIG AS POSSIBLE. Our readers tackle the work of food fetishists, who derive sexual pleasure from overeating.

You've Got A Friend

4: You've Got A Friend

Everyone needs a support system. And this week, we've mined the the profiles and forums of an internet support group, in order to help you through any troubling times.

Metaphorical Chastity

3: Metaphorical Chastity

We're coming off our previous fetishist episode with an episode of self-flagellating morality. This episode features motivation and tips from people angry that other people are having…

The Internet After Dark

2: The Internet After Dark

This time we're getting a little sexy. Hear about fetishes you didn't know existed, and would probably prefer to be ignorant of.

Tell Me What Adonis Did

1: Tell Me What Adonis Did

For the pilot, our readers tackle notes from an alternative high school in the midwest.


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