F Plus Episode 27

27: Sub Sub Pop

Boots Raingear

The internet isn't only a place for for shut-ins to discuss their fetishes. It's also a place where self-aggrandizing attention sluts ceaselessly bludgeon the public with their own material in a transparent and shameless grab for attention. And as podcast providers, The F Plus is sympathetic to such naked egotism, but what happens if your band sucks? This week, we're taking on the music site Review Rinse Repeat, which not only reviews bands, but also lets unsigned bands explain how different and special they all are.

  1. Attack Attack! - Stick Stickley
  2. Charlotte Sometimes - Army Men
  3. Caleb Lovely - Stay
  4. Boys Will Be Boys - Nowhere Fast
  5. Late Night Habit - Hopeless Romantic
  6. Cady Groves - One In The Same
  7. Broken Social Scene - Major Label Debut

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