F Plus Episode shorts2010

shorts2010: Shorts Bonanza 2010

Djeser Djeseru

Back in 2010, we had a bunch of shorts up in the feed, all of which were accompanied with a plug for the first F Plus Live. Then when we switched the site over, those files were taken out of the feed.

Well, Djeser was kind enough to stitch all these shorts together with some music, so now you can listen to the Gucci Mane Race War just like when Ke$ha was still a thing. Oh, the progress we've made!


  1. Gucci Man Race War
    This six minute short explores the curious case of a race war breaking out on YouTube just from people watching the video for Gucci Mane's song Lemonade.
  2. Here Come The Metalheads
    This fourteen minute episode has our ridiculists taking on the YouTube comments comments for a video of Metallica's Enter Sandman.
  3. Let's Settle This Religion Thing
    In nearly 20 minutes, we're going to try to solve the question of whether or not God exists.
  4. My Grey Baby
    This woman thinks she has been impregnated by a grey. Is she right? Yeah, probably.
  5. Sybil At The Movies
    In this thirty minute episode, we're going to read the opinions of a man who is not in control of his mental faculties, and ends up writing strange essays instead.
  1. Anthony Carmichael - I'm Rappin (from Look Around You series 2)
  2. Ian Gordon - The X-Files Theme In A Major Key
  3. Rush - Limelight