F Plus Episode 39

39: Hoc Est Praecipue De Buttsex

Boots Raingear

With all of the various sexual proclivities which the internet has allowed us to examine, it's sometimes easy to forget that there were actually perverts writing perverted things long before the internet was even invented. Thing is, you had to be a notable French Rensaissance writer or Latin poet for anyone to even pay attention. Well, in an effort to bring some classiness to the podcast, we'll be reading selected works from Catullus, François Rabelais, and James Joyce, and see how they compare to The Modern Weirdo. This week on the F Plus, it's gonna be like a classical literature class with a really creepy professor.

  1. The Stranglers - All Roads Lead to Rome
  2. Puccini - O Soave Fanciulla
  3. The Ravens - I'm Gonna Paper All My Walls With Your Love Letters
  4. Echo & The Bunnymen - Read It In Books