F Plus Episode 28

28: But What If They're All Crappie?


If spending sixteen hours a day on the internet is the reason why you can't get a date, you can solve your problem by stepping away from the computer every once in a while and having a real, human, engaging conversation with someone you find attractive and personable. But of course, you're not going to do that, and that's why dating sites exist. This week, the F Plus puts on those floppy hats and goes angling in PlentyOfFish.Com, the fact that it doesn't charge means we don't have to pay to make fun of it.

  1. Johnny Lee - Lookin' For Love
  2. R Kelly vs Broken Social Scene - I'm a Flirt 7/4 Shoreline

Additional Fun


  • This Episode Is Going To Flounder
  • How Cod You Read This Garbage?
  • This Episode Gave Me Sour Trout
  • Recorded For The Halibut
  • Your Loneliness Is A Red Herring
  • My Sole Purpose
  • Carp About Relationships
  • Why Isn't John Toast Naming This Episode?