F Plus Episode 44

44: How To Listen To A Podcast

Boots Raingear

While you probably couldn't tell it by this podcast, the internet is not entirely a place for weirdo fetishists to meet other weirdo fetishists and talk about Pokemon. I mean, yeah, that's a pretty big part of it. But there's also the often overlooked sector of the intenet which functions as an informational resource. We're already familiar with Wikipedia and IMDb, but there's also sites like WikiHow, a site which will teach you how to do ANYTHING! (as long as it's stupid) This week, The F Plus will be drinking during our 12 step program.

  1. Buddy Holly - Tell Me How
  2. TMBG - Your Racist Friend
  3. Sugar - I Can't Help You Anymore
  4. Jane's Addiction - Thank You Boys

Fanart for this episode:

LEGO Wizard ~ art by eldritchhat
do not shoot bigfoot ~ art by Sauce