F Plus Episode 58

58: I Can't Believe It's Entirely Butter!


We've been looking into your Facebook updates, and we've noticed you've been good all summer. You've been eating healthier, cutting down on sugary drinks, even getting a reasonable amount of excercise this year. Yes indeed, it's been work, but we've noticed you're looking a lot better and you don't seem quite as depressed as you used to be. But guess what? Summer's over. So let's get you back to your old habits. From the very fattest locations of AllRecipes.com to the most criminally negligant Food Network celebrities, we're going to be reading recipes that will make your arteries clog just from the sound of it. This week on The F Plus, it's all gonna look like poo poo.

  1. Lazytown - Cooking By The Book
  2. Louis Jordan and the Tympany Five - Beans And Cornbread

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