F Plus Episode 65

65: God Bless You, Water Woman


The Sasquatch (or "Bigfoot", if you're prone to epithets) is a large ape-like creature which typically finds its home in the Pacific Northwest where it somethimes poses for blurry photographs. Also it can read and write. Also it has sixth sense. Also it exists both in our world and in another dimension which has neither shape nor form. Also it lives among The Star People. Also it can teleport. Also it farts a lot. Also it can shape shift. Also it actually exists. Look, the point here is that dolphin expert Joan Ocean has a website which introduced all to the beauty of nature, and now we want to teach others about it.

This week, The F Plus starts to apologize for that long hiatus.

  1. Enigma - Dream of the Dolphin
  2. Buddy Knox - Bigfoot Is the Name
  3. Fats Waller - Your Feet's Too Big
  4. Tenacious D - Sasquatch
  5. Dolphin Communication Project - The Dolphin Species Song
Cover image uses Bless You Water Woman by Beelzeboob

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