F Plus Episode 198

198: Strong Body Feeble Mind


Fitness is important. I just typed that onto a keyboard after waking up with a hangover, smoking a cigarette, and then sitting in a chair staring at my computer screens for a couple hours. Sorry, what I was I talking about?

So this is a bodybuilding episode. It's pretty funny, but I'm having a lot of trouble writing an episode summary for it, so I'm just gonna type into this box for a little while and then just publish the episode like this.

This week, no homo.

  1. Danzig - I Don't Mind The Pain
  2. Danzig - Snakes of Christ
1 00:00:00 intro: get pumped, listener!
2 00:03:05 why are armbars uncomfortable on my nuts?
3 00:06:52 the people at your gym that you don’t know and never talked to
4 00:14:27 eating is hard: food for the swole
5 00:25:49 sick and tired of these tuna-egg smoothies
6 00:32:08 reddit has a nightmare
7 00:35:46 a few embarrassing problems
8 00:44:04 i said NO HOMO
9 00:56:46 no seriously, bodybuilding poetry
10 01:03:02 what did we learn?