F Plus Episode 212

212: History of the Dozerfleet Part 2

Nikaer Drekin

In late 2013, we focused on a particular man who calls himself The Dozerfleet Founder; a person who has written over a thousand pages of wiki devoted to himself, and the projects he would like you to give him credit for. We felt our work was pretty exhaustive on the subject, but we're aware there's plenty we missed.

In this episode, we spend some time looking at the song parodies The Dozerfleet Founder has written, some television projects we weren't aware of, and finally end up on TV Tropes because of course.

This week, The F Plus karaoke sequence is malfunctioning.

  1. The Dozerfleet Founder - For Orphan On GaG
  2. The Faint - Worked Up So Sexual
  3. Papa Roach - Last Resort
  4. Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous
Chapters provided by birdie
1 00:00:00 intro: keep pissing yourself
2 00:03:39 every ape and his brother
3 00:08:38 the discography (there is an imaginary line...)
4 00:14:36 my only resort (don't give a cluck)
5 00:19:13 ridiculous (you're so green)
6 00:25:03 the bison
7 00:33:11 dЯanged cowboys and indians
8 00:36:46 eeky the rat
9 00:41:38 lemon witch
10 00:45:45 viron counselors network ad
11 00:53:41 the trapezoid kids
12 01:01:13 stationery voyagers
13 01:10:52 what did we learn?

Additional Fun

  • While it was colored afterwards, Portaxx genuinely drew the cover for this episode during the recording of this episode. Here it is without logo or text.
  • Jack Chick has been journaling about his experiences cooking and eating Dozerfleet recipes over in this ballp.it thread
  • Portaxx is excited to get to work on Trapezoid Kids. More details on that over here

Fanart for this episode:

The Bantam of the Opera ~ art by Christy
art by Amelia Blank
four types of frogs ~ art by Positronic