F Plus Episode 213

213: You're Reviewing It Wrong


A self-published author has a difficult job to do when it comes to promotion. They've got to follow sales, trends, promotions, press, design, and beyond all that, they go on Good Reads and yell at people who didn't like their book. Well, maybe they shouldn't do that last part, but the subjects of today's episode do that anyway.

We're looking at authors who, around the internet, show up to berate, insult, and argue with people who say unfavorable things about a book they've written. It's kind of like the Correct The Record PAC, except without the funding.

This week, listeners will say wonderful things about this episode (and they already are), but who in the world are you?

  1. Maino - Hi Haters
  2. Stereophonics - Mr. Writer