F Plus Episode 196

196: Made With Mechanically Separated Podcast Parts


There's a lot of recipe websites out there, and a lot of websites owned by giant food conglomerates. Fortunately, the internet has a way of synergizing things and these corporations provide their very own websites which encourage people to cook with their products. Looking for a salad recommendation from SPAM? A cocktail recipe by Hormel? A filling desert that includes a large quantity of Velveeta? This is vertical integration at its finest.

This week, The F Plus is cooking pad see ew with Raisin Bran.

  1. R. Kelly - Remix To Ignition
  2. Hot Chip - Crap Kraft Dinner

Additional Fun

  1. Click-o-Tron. Randomly generated clickbait articles written by a recurrent neural network.
  2. An article by Lars Eidnes describing the process of building Click-o-Tron. OMG WIN CUTE LOL