F Plus Episode pdx1

pdx1: A Portland Podcast

Jack Chick

Lemon recently visited Portland. He met up with his friends Jack Chick and Nutshell Gulag to explore the city's restaurants, shops and bars.

When the day was over and the group had plenty of liquor in them, he decided to test their friendship by making them all read stories from a site called Booksie. Booksie is the premier platform for unpublished authors who are interested in publishing things where nobody is willing to see them.

Then Jack Chick made a batch of whiskeynanners (from episode 204) and made us all eat some.

This week, The F Plus stops you with a tree.

  1. Tankard - Need Money For Beer
  2. Hot Buttered Anal - Daddy's Banana Boat

Additional Fun

Whiskeynanners, prep workThe whiskeynanners are readyNutshell Gulag is ready for WhiskeynannersNone of us liked that