F Plus Episode 209

209: Clips Against Humanity

John Toast

Founded in 2001, clips4sale.com has served as an open-air fetish bazaar catering to all sorts of hyperspecific sexual interests of the people who are willing to pay a premium. We try to prepare ourselves, but nothing could prepare us for these animated GIFs.

This week, The F Plus reacts to visual things. And you would too, buddy.

  1. Mr. Bungle - Girls of Porn
Chapters provided by birdie
1 00:00:00 intro: the boobgeoisie
2 00:04:47 surprise hula hoop strip dance
3 00:08:29 do cpr for me
4 00:14:51 hollys cum on ironing board handjob
5 00:19:37 mouthsoap the gay out of you!
6 00:24:04 the littlest cock-whacker
7 00:28:06 batty boo's 22 pie initiation
8 00:32:18 brake failure (a fetish saga in six parts)
9 00:36:40 AFS: cez (sounds to put on your dick)
10 00:41:09 some sexy eye crossing just for you
11 00:46:00 first time trying on a new snorkel
12 00:50:57 text book humiliation
13 00:55:04 masturbation and orgasms in rain jackets e
14 00:57:52 vengeful feminization, root canals, and meaty hips
15 01:01:52 loud music, mind fucking, and second life crimes
16 01:06:18 lighting matches, climax control, and becoming findependent
17 01:11:26 brk housecleaning, fake cigarettes, and hand lotion
18 01:14:41 clingfilm mummification, puppets, snobbery, and swirlies
19 01:19:13 a list of titles
20 01:21:45 what have we learned from this?

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