F Plus Episode live4b

live4b: F Plus Live 4 | Part Two


Part two goes to different places as we invite the lads from I Don't Even Own A Television to read what they've found. Also, while Adam Bozarth and Nutshell Gulag couldn't make it to the live show, they were kind enough to put together video packages in their stead. Lastly, there's a scene for a detective show (?) and STOG plays a dog.

This one has a two remote segments that only exist in the YouTube playlist.

Part Two Contains

  1. Nutshell Gulag cooks something (video only)
  2. Adam Bozarth I Want To Be Banksy (video only)
  3. bumpgrrl I Just Walk Away by MadHat886
  4. Chris Collision The Worst Days: Part One by Jared E. Smith
  5. J W Friedman Enter the Wutang Clan by MrVoltz
  6. The Not Ready For YouTube Players: My Dark Dreams by Tony Clementz
  1. Scott Gratton - Electro Lab