F Plus Episode live4a

live4a: F Plus Live 4 | Part One


This is the audio for F Plus Live, part 1. All of these recordings are also available on video, thanks to Mique. We've put together an F Plus Live 4 playlist right here.

We'll confess up front that the audio is... well, it's as good as it is. Lemon spent many hours trying to clean up the sounds, and believes it's good enough. But the content is what matters.

The audio and video were each cut differently, each contain stuff the other doesn't.

Part One Contains

  1. Frank West: Bipartisanship by Roscavenbar
  2. STOG: Sonic the Hedgehog: World War 2 Dragon by DarkDoomFireMaster
  3. Jack Chick: Vampires, Werewolves and Sparrow OH MY! by Kameya Sparrow
  4. The Not Ready For YouTube Players: Friday the 13th Part 11 Jason Vorhees by Jason Seamone