F Plus Episode 199

199: Episode #799


This episode comes to you from 600 episodes in the future! In that time, there are people who go to a poorly designed forum and say completely improbable things about themselves and how they got here, and these improbable things go completely unchallenged by the other posters on the forum. More importantly, they share schematics of how you can build your very own time machine.

This week, The F Plus develops really negative opinions about Einstein.

  1. Psychedelic Furs - My Time
  2. Elvis Costello - Two Little Hitlers
Chapters provided by birdie
1 00:00:00 intro: the most fedora-rich time in history
2 00:03:15 hello! I’m a time traveler
3 00:10:55 the NEGATIVE speed of light
4 00:15:17 hello 2013, it’s Floyd Ellison
5 00:20:11 this timeline is drab
6 00:30:00 planet of the dolphins
7 00:33:01 the nazi timeline: really strong branding
8 00:42:01 a blues magician has a timeslip
9 00:45:35 let’s build a time machine!
10 00:51:58 poo’s device
11 00:55:36 two illuminati fleshlights
12 01:00:58 but what about invisibility??
13 01:05:45 …what ELSE did we learn?

Additional Fun