F Plus Episode 194

194: r/ecuseyourself


No matter who you are, Reddit has something for everyone. A few examples include: complaining about women, complaining about video games, complaining about women playing video games, or (to our collective delight) sharing your terrible drawings of dragons.

"But what about me?" asks the person who wants legal advice. "Where can I go to seek legal advice over... say... me being fined $2,500 by the man for thoughtcrime?" Welcome to r/legaladvice, weary traveler! Why not order a flagon of ale and share your embarrassing and impending legal doom?

This week, we're having a sale on Oxy Cotton!

  1. Hot Snakes - Braintrust
  2. Hot Chip - Arrest Yourself
Chapters provided by birdie
1 00:00:00 intro: through the roof
2 00:02:26 female impotence or false representation to end marriage
3 00:05:31 sugar baby back pay
4 00:12:18 stog loves crosswalks
5 00:16:58 third dui on probation in tulsa, ok
6 00:19:05 any pastafarian or pirate lawyers?
7 00:27:22 a crater on his ass
8 00:30:05 really messed up at work
9 00:34:13 kicking my wife out of the family home
10 00:42:20 a good, jolly time
11 00:45:56 invincible doctor spouse
12 00:54:35 the fbi confiscates stog's phone
13 01:05:39 what did we learn from any of this?

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