F Plus Episode 395

395: This One Is Exclusively About Buttsex

Boots Raingear

The Anal Only Lifestyle is a community where heterosexual men who only like one thing can overshare about their hyperspecific sexual fantasies, brag about how great their lives are going, and opine about the futility of the female vagina. It gets real gross real fast, but if you make it to the end there will be quite a bit of poetry!

This week, The F Plus needs to prepare you for a shareholder meeting.

  1. Petra - Pull Up To The Bumper
  2. Inner Circle - Sweat (A La La La La Long)
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 Pull Up To The Bumper
2 00:00:40 Reader Intros
3 00:02:05 Hey, F Plus!
4 00:05:18 What is the Anal Only Lifestyle?
5 00:09:05 Reasons to Go Anal Only & Advantages of Abandoning Vaginal Sex
6 00:13:00 What is the science behind anal sex?
7 00:21:30 Projected Market Cap of A/O relationships?
8 00:24:35 Our kink: Transforming my girls butthole into her new "pussy"
9 00:32:10 I just asked my man to be AO and he said yeah ok sure lol
10 00:34:55 AO is making my life a lot better!
11 00:38:45 Sex 2 has been confirmed, what are some features that would be added?
12 00:40:30 Let's learn some more about Alana Brown's physiology
13 00:42:30 Having anal daily during quarantine is damaging my ass
14 00:47:40 How do you get 3 cocks in position to give you anal?
15 00:50:30 a choice for Kumquatxop
16 00:52:30 Hey Ladies... I have a question to ask...
17 00:56:15 Let's check out the Twitter account of @anal_only_lifetyle
18 00:58:30 This Is The Erotic Poetry Section
19 01:00:05 An Anal Only Poem by lawrobbur
20 01:01:05 all about asses by lawrobbur
21 01:02:05 always anal by lawrobbur
22 01:05:05 Zippity Doo Dah by lawrobbur
23 01:07:40 And now, a list of titles of poems written by lawrobbur
24 01:11:40 additional assorted erotic poetry from lawrobbur
25 01:16:40 What did we learn?
26 01:22:45 Sweat