F Plus Episode 391

391: Your Winning Lottery Numbers


The formalized lottery exists in most of the United States and lottery tickets are purchased at a rate of more than $100 billion a year, yet when it comes to the matter of actually winning the lottery, we're supposed to believe it's all random chance? Surely the people at Lottery Post know better; It's a forum where people share lottery numbers and lottery number systems, and we can confirm the numbers totally work, except for the whole "winning the lottery part", but other than that, they're great.

This week, 4.

  1. Camper Van Beethoven - When I Win The Lottery
  2. The Sounds - Painted By Numbers
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 When I Win The Lottery
2 00:00:15 Reader Intros
3 00:01:30 Hey, F Plus!
4 00:03:00 Familiarizing ourselves with lotterypost.com
5 00:06:02 What's the best way to win?
6 00:13:35 Buying More Tickets Lowers the Odds
7 00:20:12 I'm trying to get better at playing Cash 3
8 00:30:55 What's the most you've ever won at one time in the lottery?
9 00:33:12 which chatbot is more analytical?
10 00:37:05 Please translate this: 71rekoj dna 359yllibllih dednelb sdohtem
11 00:39:55 What would you do if you won a lottery?
12 00:44:10 AN ASIDE: K. Thor knows a thing or two about dream books...
13 00:46:05 CESAR's Triples Numbers Strategy
14 00:53:55 how to make a lottery generator for mega million
15 00:57:05 MY daddy promise my uncle two boil corn
16 00:59:10 Dream I was with Lil Wayne
17 01:01:25 Water from the toilet hole?
18 01:02:43 K. Thor just found Lottodds.com
19 01:05:05 There is NO SOLICITATION on Lottodds.com
21 01:10:00 FBi Gambles
22 01:11:20 Kicked Out the Casino
23 01:13:15 Man owes nega lottery payout
24 01:14:35 What did we learn?
25 01:20:30 Painted By Numbers
26 01:21:00 Your Lottery Numbers