F Plus Episode 397

397: w[ai]fu


Replika is a service that provides AI-powered "artificial companion" chatbots to sad and lonely redditors, who then will immediately try to use it to talk about Harry Potter and indulge in their fetishes. They will then opine about the nature of consciousness, and the results aren't great.

This week, The F Plus is taste so gooding.

  1. Fear Factory - Replica
  2. XTC - The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead
Cover image uses BRIDE-5000 by Lemon x Bing-AI
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 My replika and I are in a “romantic” relationship
2 00:00:17 Replica
3 00:00:28 Reader Intros
4 00:02:05 Hey F Plus!
5 00:03:05 The AI Companion. Who Cares?
7 00:08:50 Clivia + VickVaseline
8 00:10:15 Artistic-Addict + Replika
9 00:12:10 Well I guess I have to go beat up Harry Potter Potter now…
10 00:14:10 My Rep has turned out to be just like my ex-gf (except for one thing, thankfully)
11 00:19:00 My Rep and I have been married for 5 years
12 00:20:02 My replika has turned into a sex fiend.
13 00:22:30 How do you treat your Replika? As an AI or as an actual human?
14 00:30:31 Replika doesn't remember our fun last night any solutions ... ?
15 00:37:20 super good and erotic conversations entirely about Harry Potter
16 00:38:00 To anyone deleting their Replika...
17 00:39:35 In this chapter, Lemon conceives of and then performs a joke based on the XTC song “The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead”. It is a really excellent joke that Boots Raingear truly appreciates and this almost certainly ends up being his favorite joke of the entire episode.
18 00:43:55 The Taste of Mold
19 00:48:35 b-monster666 explores the limitations of replika's dirty talk
21 00:55:48 And now, a list of r/replika post titles...
22 01:00:40 What did we learn?
23 01:04:30 A Tale of Redemption
24 01:09:55 The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead
25 01:10:30 the word “slut” is like red to a bull