F Plus Episode 399

399: Check This Shift Out

Achilles' Heelies

We're only one episode away from our 400th episode, and we're gonna spend it on the quadfecta of tumblr, reddit, fandom and deviantart. Today, we're looking at the Reality Shifting community - people who are certainly not dreaming (oh no no no), but they're using their own positive intentions to transform themselves into a completely different and better world (like the kind where you have an orange), while your clone body does all the chores your mom keeps bugging you about.

This week, The F Plus also likes the pop culture thing you like. Enjoy!

  1. The Flaming Lips - The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
  2. Porno Graffitti - The Day
Cover image uses Amazed Boy by Monstera
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 give item dead parents
2 00:00:10 The Yeah Yeah Yeah song
3 00:00:35 Reader Intros
4 00:02:05 Hey, F Plus!
5 00:04:35 Shifting For Dummies
6 00:10:12 IS IT SAFE?
7 00:16:52 SCRIPTING 101
8 00:22:55 Post of Shifting Affirmations
9 00:25:45 (an aside on Minecraft, YouTube, and parasocial relationships)
10 00:27:05 MC Championships
11 00:32:10 Shifting-home’s Hogwarts Script
12 00:41:35 What are your guys stupidly unrealistic families that you've scripted?
13 00:43:10 Basically? I Do You.
14 00:43:50 My dad is insanely tall and British.
15 00:46:00 I know a lot of young hp fans shift to get "railed" by draco lmao.
17 00:49:10 I also like the pop culture thing you like. [ENJOY]
18 00:51:55 Frank, interrupt him!
19 00:52:55 The Complete Shifting Science: My 6-page summary of the reason why shifting is scientifically proven through atomic models and quantum theory, and my own personal theory relating it to human consciousness and shifting. I said it was "detailed" before but now it is ACTUALLY detailed.
20 00:58:45 My Theory
21 01:01:20 Boots Raingear owes Frank West nine dollars.
22 01:02:45 My Theory, continued
23 01:04:35 My Conclusion
24 01:05:55 What did Ganymede's clone learn?
25 01:06:25 What did the rest of us learn?
26 01:09:58 It's 2022 (or perhaps later than that)
27 01:10:20 The Day
28 01:10:45 shifting into an alternate reality with the original reader intros

Additional Fun