F Plus Episode 393

393: The Whole Thing Comes Right Off


While potentially obscure, Natural Body Magic is an oblique and unhelpful term which describes a specific fetish for the removal and displacement of various body parts which then go on to live separate and individual lives with their own consciousness. The people in this fetish community will insist that the whole "cutting a person up" obsession isn't indicative of anything, so... let's consider this episode a counterargument.

This week, The F Plus reads all of Victor's favorite sentences.

  1. Hole - Doll Parts
  2. King Missile - Detachable Penis
Cover image uses touching ripe cut papaya by Anna Shvets
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 some old music for like thirty minutes
2 00:00:06 Doll Parts
3 00:00:28 Reader Intros
4 00:02:12 Hey, F Plus!
5 00:04:25 Corgano explains the psychology of this fetish
6 00:14:15 [let's have a brief look at this terrible art]
7 00:16:00 Feet World
8 00:20:35 💡 But seriously this is an excellent premise for an adventure game and we should make it
9 00:21:10 Okay, more Feet World
10 00:23:20 That story makes IronBrony1981 horny
11 00:25:00 Feet World: Epilogue
12 00:27:45 The Legs That Went To A Party
13 00:41:30 CUNTHUNT
14 00:55:30 12StrokesAtMidnight really liked that story
15 00:57:20 Abandoned Pussy at the Goth Club
16 01:06:45 It’s Time for Clips4Sale
17 01:07:20 Laura Smith in the Land of NBM Headless
18 01:09:25 Lauren's NBM Magically Headless Body Twerking at Scam Glamour Shoot
19 01:13:20 Ivy's Failed NBM Body Swap
20 01:18:20 Chloe Toy Smoking Disembodied NBM Head Has Her Limbs Sold on the Black Market
21 01:21:27 What did we learn?
22 01:25:55 Boner Theory
23 01:26:55 Detachable Penis
24 01:27:25 Why did any of that happen?

Additional Fun