F Plus Episode 386

386: No Gods, Yes Masters


I really don't know how the people of royalcello dot website toolbox dot com found each other, but they've found each other. And all of the posters here believe in a single inalienable right: The Right To Rule, or rather, to be ruled, sometimes by royalcello himself who gets very testy if you say anything unkind about Charles III. Look, none of the people featured in this episode know much (if anything) about The Monarchy, but they do know they like it, and at least one of them knows The Hapsburgs belong in Spain.

This week, The F Plus wants Catherine The Great to sit on our face.

  1. David Bowie - Queen Bitch
  2. Prefab Sprout - The King of Rock n' Roll
Cover image uses The Monarch by CordeliaLear
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 Queen Bitch
2 00:00:18 Reader Intros
3 00:02:50 Hey, F Plus! (God Save Prince Charles)
4 00:05:55 (a tour of the Monarchy Forum)
5 00:07:35 Introduce yourself!
6 00:13:00 Hi new Monarchist Here
7 00:19:00 GOD SAVE THE KING (Constitution’s Blunder)
8 00:25:05 Can a Re-incarnated Romanov take back the throne of former Imperial Russia?
9 00:38:35 Sedevacantist Monarchism
10 00:42:00 The Hapsburgs belong in Spain!
11 00:48:42 What God gave my emperor cannot be denied by man.
12 00:52:00 [Lemon & Boots make a joke about The Pretenders]
13 00:52:25 My Feudal Passport
14 00:54:30 [Shell Game corrects Lemon & Boots' joke about The Pretenders]
15 00:55:00 Let's learn a little bit about Emperor1009...
16 00:57:15 Emperor1009's Cable Access TV Show (and Lemon's drinking game)
17 01:03:55 What is physics saying?
18 01:05:05 Anyone else here excited about Harry Potter?
19 01:10:00 Hermione's shrilly egalitarian house-elf liberation agenda
20 01:12:00 This new Harry Potter book is anti-Catholic.
21 01:20:30 What did we learn?
22 01:28:00 The King of Rock n' Roll
23 01:28:30 Lemon is done with your fucking AU

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