Some people drew these...

100 Bimboland Bucks ~ art by Beelzeboob
SUFFER ~ art by Sauce
vape rig repair kit ~ art by Moxie Ramsey
Her pudgy eel, replete with sac ~ art by King Kalamari
Paula Deen Saves Thanksgiving ~ art by Moxie Ramsey
STOG CREEP ~ art by Moxie Ramsey
art by dijon du jour
art by zamza
Using makeup to disguise form loss prevention ~ art by Positronic
asexual sherlock and watson dogs ~ art by For The Love
For The Love
Snagglepuss Loki has giggling sex ~ art by For The Love
For The Love
full metal jacket the animated series ~ art by eldritchhat
Are you sure you want to transform into a fox fur coat? ~ art by Adam Bozarth
Salad with Stog ~ art by scungepot
a terrapin pulling at a dog's anus ~ art by Spooks
art by Shell Game
This is my red, WTF and blue drawing ~ art by Adam Bozarth
Fart Slut the Free Thinker ~ art by Mix
window peeper ~ art by For The Love
For The Love
Paula Deen's deep fried butter ~ art by Spooks
take the red pill and fuck a hyundai ~ art by Sauce
art by Amelia Blank
Oh fuck, it's the Fizzler! ~ art by Positronic
Because you're St. John's Worth It ~ art by Sauce
Ants with Human Eyes ~ art by Puppy Time
Have you read "Fight Club"? ~ art by Sham Bam Bamina
Join the Universe Peacetime Project ~ art by Spooks
Monogamous Succubous Couple in old age ~ art by dijon du jour
that robot has a bomb in her butt ~ art by Deep 13
Deep 13
wikiHow To Go Through A Bloobd Brobther-FUCK! ~ art by Spooks
Roy Orbison is stuck down a well ~ art by Puppy Time
funeral potatoes ~ art by Ragnarok Boobies
Ragnarok Boobies
Damn, these ears are subpar too! ~ art by For The Love
For The Love
Will Magick For Money ~ art by Sherman Tank
Sherman Tank
Call of Duty: Buff Grandpa ~ art by For The Love
For The Love
a clear eye ~ art by Puppy Time
ant with human eyes ~ art by Sauce
an old bottle of urine ~ art by Sham Bam Bamina
art by eldritchhat
magickal buttplugs ~ art by eldritchhat
art by For The Love
For The Love
art by Shell Game
juggalo unicorn ~ art by Spooks
Back Alley Dave's Animal Fixin and teeth dealer ship ~ art by transatlanticalien
I worship Chris Cantelmo and all I got was this lousy t-shirt ~ art by Tipsy Almond
Tipsy Almond
Change mah vyoo! ~ art by Sauce
roy orbison adventure game ~ art by dijon du jour
Night of the Rich Dumbasses ~ art by Sanguinary Novel
Hagrid Orthodox Icon ~ art by Spooks

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