Some people drew these...

toothpaste is a fetish ~ art by Sauce
art by eldritchhat
donut djinn ~ art by Moxie Ramsey
Bimbonetta ~ art by eldritchhat
do not shoot bigfoot ~ art by Sauce
Shall I smoke it? ~ art by Positronic
YOUNG LOVE featuring 20,000 Loves Under the Sea ~ art by dijon du jour
U CLAPPIN AWFUL ~ art by Spooks
Lemon insists that megatron is erotic ~ art by Sauce
Steamboat Simpsons ~ art by dijon du jour
Believability Meter is lying ~ art by Shell Game
WILL I NEVER GET MY OWN BULLSHIT!? ~ art by Moxie Ramsey
Pizza! So mote it be! ~ art by Moxie Ramsey
Magic Trash ~ art by Sauce
Couple's Counseling by Dr. JP Godek ~ art by dijon du jour
art by Sauce
"eat out frequently" is a pun beneath Toast's standards ~ art by Sham Bam Bamina
i don't have time for dumb fake people that think they're playing smart people games and getting away with it! ~ art by T. Azimuth Schwitters
T. Azimuth Schwitters
art by Sauce
Paula Deen's pantry ~ art by Shell Game
Patrick82's apartment ~ art by Sauce
All 24 hours of Garbage Day 2020 ~ art by Fish Shticks
Fish Shticks
Google during Pearl Harbor ~ art by Sauce
This troper thought that what we had was special! ~ art by For The Love
For The Love
a mullet couple is lookng for a lesbian ~ art by Positronic
Off with his brain! ~ art by dijon du jour
I want YOU to listen to The F Plus Podcast (and to yiff my ass) ~ art by For The Love
For The Love
100 Bimboland Bucks ~ art by Beelzeboob
the EDIT POINT shirt ~ art by eldritchhat
contra princess ~ art by Moxie Ramsey
Back Alley Dave's Animal Fixin and teeth dealer ship ~ art by transatlanticalien
Magick Supplies: Eye of Newt & Women's Feet ~ art by Sherman Tank
Sherman Tank
DIRTY CORN BOMB ~ art by eldritchhat
art by Beelzeboob
art by Spooks
Are you sure you want to transform into a fox fur coat? ~ art by Adam Bozarth
Silly-Face Solo ~ art by Sauce
squirt guns of the year ~ art by Amelia Blank
you're going to the detention bunk ~ art by transatlanticalien
art by Moxie Ramsey
an average day at Gamestop ~ art by Positronic
ratfink Mario ~ art by dijon du jour
Get out of bed! You're under psychic attack! ~ art by eldritchhat
art by Sauce
Is it bad to show my hamster movies with suggestive themes? ~ art by Sauce
my hobby is sleight-of-hand magick! ~ art by Adam Bozarth
wizard trap ~ art by Sherman Tank
Sherman Tank
a warewolf lawyer ~ art by 3viltiki
All the single Aesir ~ art by Sauce
Enjoy a refreshing potion ~ art by Adam Bozarth

Have your own you'd like to share? Send it to Lemon.