F Plus Episode 115

115: Why Can't Social Studies Be More Like Call Of Duty?

Adam Bozarth

One of the reasons why so many movies and televisions shows are set in high school is because, to varying degrees, the high school experience leaves an indelible mark on all of us. Our first experiences with sexual rejection, social politicking, and your own purpose in a greater society - these are difficult concepts which frustrated many of us when we were teenagers. And then, as we learned from school-survival.net, these can also be concepts some of us never grasped, and never could manage to get over. This week, The F Plus wants you to lose weight for school pictures.

  1. The Replacements - Fuck School
  2. Air - Playground Love
  3. Notre Dame Fight Song
  4. The Hollies - Carrie Anne
  5. Nada Surf - Popular

Additional Fun

by For The Love
by Steve Rimjobs
by Steve Rimjobs