F Plus Episode 255

255: Thermodynamic Martinets & Jar Jar Breasts


There's a fella on the internet by the name of saganfan1983 who has a lot of opinions to share about the issues that affect us all, like what breasts should look like or if it's okay to eat that one fish from The Phantom Menace. Oh! Also he built a spaceship. It totally works.

This week, The F Plus only appears to kill a panda.

  1. Recorder Movie Scores - Duel of the Fates
  2. Mos Eisley Kazoo Orchestra - Imperial March

Additional Fun

Fanart for this episode:

Mister Fasterthanlight's Time Out Trash Can ~ art by Adam Bozarth
art by dijon du jour
dijon du jour
art by Moxie Ramsey