24 Terrible Hours (Hours 13-18)

This is 24 Terrible Hours: a full day podcasting marathon celebrating bad writing and raising money for the Southern Poverty Law Center. It was broadcast live on March 31, 2017. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Time gets the best of Lemon and the surviving Ridiculists seek comfort while speaking of electronic genital restraining devices, anime girl pillows, and what might be the worst looking food we've ever seen.

HOUR 14: The Things Jimmyfranks Didn't Choose

provided by Boots Raingear
Art by Portaxx

Exploring what would have happened if Jimmyfranks didn't always make the wrong choice (turns out the other choices were also wrong)

HOUR 15: This Ain't Steam XXX

provided by The Heavenator & The Lesbiathan

Sexy video games! This hour lacked an artist, but you do briefly get ads for some baseball game.

You made it this far, so don't stop now. The Last Part has Adam flying solo, Lemon coming back, Ironicus, and a lot of penises.