24 Terrible Hours (Hours 7-12)

This is 24 Terrible Hours: a full day podcasting marathon celebrating bad writing and raising money for the Southern Poverty Law Center. It was broadcast live on March 31, 2017. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

As the donations continue to roll in, the listeners make us read a horrible thing. Although in fairness, both options were horrible. Frank West gets freed from his purgatory and you end up hearing the Windows alert noise less.

HOUR 9: The Omegaverse

provided by Sherlockian
Art by Sanguinary Novel

bumpgrrl subjected this to us and then dropped out with technical difficulties, sticking us with The Goddamn Omergaverse. On a better note, Frank West concludes his journey.

You don't know what suffering is yet. Keep going to part 3 where we quickly figure out we chose the wrong thing to read, then make Jimmyfranks redo his previous life choices, and then figure out we haven't done anime body pillows yet.