F Plus Episode 377

377: Your Chance At Love Has Been Removed By A Moderator

Achilles' Heelies

Are you looking for love? Well as it happens there's a lot of people on Reddit, so that's probably a good place to start. We're going to be looking into a few different subreddits for personals ads, including r/cf4cf (childfree hardcore) r/AgeGapPersonals, r/VirginityExchange, r/MBTIDating and r/RandomActsOfBlowjob in search of available singles, and we're going to learn exactly why they're single.

This week, F Plus is offering distance kink education.

  1. Mitski - Nobody
  2. Viagra Boys - Girls and Boys
Cover image uses Woman & Skeleton by cottonbro
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 DO IT
2 00:00:08 Nobody
3 00:00:28 Reader Intros
4 00:01:57 Hey F Plus!
5 00:04:40 jewishest wants a nerd girl, and he is even willing to play on a console if he must
6 00:11:28 justanotherredshirt is a daddydom kink educator who is sexually excited by crying
7 00:17:28 spreadingmyseed is not a family man, but he wants to get you pregnant.
8 00:23:42 Modlife101 wants to lose his virginity to... pretty much whoever?
9 00:28:00 dietfreddo is a 19 year old female who is into military replicas and having sex with virgins who she DEFINITELY won't kill.
10 00:33:10 Empress Natasha has spent the last year looking for a slave to completely ruin, why is this so hard?
11 00:35:15 monokumasbellybutt0n is a 21 year old ENTP and also a 3w4, and she's looking for a similar enneagram.
12 00:40:08 meanwhile, Heelies has been exploring the Random Acts of Pegging subreddit...
13 00:41:25 FAKE ENTPs!?
14 00:42:30 costar2020 is new to The Dating, but here is her astrology chart
15 00:48:30 meanwhile, Boots has been researching his Life Path Number...
16 00:51:35 Night-128 is a British INFJ looking for someone with similar taste in video games (and he's a bit clingy)
17 00:57:09 Stop what you're doing immediately, we need to discuss reparations.
18 00:59:55 Las Vegas local male is looking for about eleven soccer players to blow him at once, any takers?
19 01:02:58 AND NOW, a list of some other personals subreddits...
20 01:09:00 What did we learn?
21 01:11:20 Girls & Boys
22 01:12:14 (fingerguns)