F Plus Episode garbage-day-2022-part-3

Escape From Garbage Day | Part 3

We're halfway through our Escape From Garbage Day and things are looking... complicated. First we've got Lou (and Lou alone) reading possibly the grossest thing we've ever covered, and then Lemon wants to introduce you to his Indigo Children, after that, Shell Game grabs the controls for four straight hours of Extra Credit. It's a real doozy.

HOUR 16: The Nerd Thigh Guy(s)

Can you believe there's more Extra Credit? Can you believe there's more nerd thigh strangulation? Listen buddy, this is the internet, you're going to have to get used to suprises.

Document provided by Secret Gaygent 69.

HOUR 17: The Tao of Dungeons & Dragons

Extra Credit is still on the air! This hour, we're exploring the Tao of D&D blog - a repository of hectoring and joyless screeds about why this game with magical elves should be taken seriously.

Document provided by Cheapskate.

HOUR 18: Video Game Poetry

It's the final Extra Credit hour, and they've got video game poetry! What other context would you possibly need?

Document provided by Shell Game.

The end is in sight.

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