F Plus Episode garbage-day-2022-part-1

Escape From Garbage Day | Part 1

In Spetember of 2022, The F Plus convened to make the same mistake they've made four times over: They will convene in the same Twitch stream for 24 hours straight and read 24 different documents' worth of terrible content, all while rasing money for the National Network of Abortion Funds. Along the way, prizes will be offered, laughs will be shared, and suffering will occur. The Future is Garbage™.

HOUR 1: Complaints Board

Art by Portaxx.

Okay, we're starting things off with $4.20 in the donation pool, about 3 minutes of technical diffculties, and a real desire to get reading the content of Complaints Board. As Portaxx jumps on the pens, some lady gets her donuts thrown in the trash. We're just getting started with 24 straight hours of terrible content, and now we've gotta find a ribs place that serves warm water and lemon.

Document provided by Amelia Blank.

HOUR 2: Gettin' Horny on itch.io

The people have spoken, and the people want horny video games. So okay, let's get to it: We're going to start out in Pussy Paradise, move onto Pussy Licking As A Job, and just get grosser from there. We'll also be sharing what screenshots are possibly even slightly appropriate for this.

Document provided by A Meat.

HOUR 3: Multiples Castin' Spells

It's Portaxx's turn as showrunner now, so as Boots' list of actual D&D spell names winds down, Portaxx digs into the Frequently Asked Questions with no answers. J offers to write songs about your cat and Kumquatxop gets technical with other-space and other-folks.

Document provided by Mix.

HOUR 6: Short, Erotic Statements About Political Figures

We've asked the audience, and they've decided that while there is some interest in hearing us read about having sex with The Coronavirus, the real interest is in having us read short erotic statements about political figures, and we have a lot of them to read.

Document provided by Napoleon Blownapart.

Well, you've gotten this far, so that bodes well, but there's a lot of very stupid things in the next six hours: We've got Pooner & The Snizz as well as Bunnybread's very hour rap hour, some very stupid musical opinions, a whole hour of people stretching their penises, and lots and lots of drama.

Part 2 is here.

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