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Escape From Garbage Day | Part 2

The next six hours of Escape From Garbage Day bring us to some very strange places; we'll start out by checking in on Pooner & The Snizz trying (and failing) to take calls from the public, some very real stories of swingers, a bunch of stupid musical opinions, people tugging on their dicks, a lot of crummy juggalo rap lyrics, and a whole lot of DeviantArt drama. The Future is Garbage™.

HOUR 7: Pooner & The Snizz on KUNT 105.5FM

It's finally time to reconnect with our favorite consitently fired morning radio DJs... it's Pooner & The Snizz! They've just found a new home at 105.5 KUNT (your destination for Kickin' Country) and they'd like to take some calls from the audience... Hopefully this'll go better than last time.

HOUR 8: Perfectly Normal Stories of Perfectly Normal Swingers

We're up to 8 hours so let's get moving, because we have a number of boobs to lick and there's a line forming. This hour has us bouncing around Reddit hearing swingers share their stories before we realize that the second half of the document has a lot of content we do not want to read under any circumstances, so we make the best of it.

Document provided by Curly Hooligan.

HOUR 10: Teach Me How To Jelq

Art by Sauce.

We've asked The Internet what they want, and they've come back to us - the people of The Internet are stretchin' out their dicks, and the viewers want to hear about it. So this is The Jelquing Hour. We'll start with a description of "The Baseball Bat Effect", and it'll only go downhill from there.

Document provided by Cat Examiner.

Great news! You're halfway thru. Bad news! The next hour is Lou Reads.

Well, anyway, how about you dig into part 3 and see what horrors awit.

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