F Plus Episode 368

368: Not Even Once-ler


In 2012, Dr. Seuss' widow and the Despicable Me company released a movie called The Lorax. It is entirely valueless, but that's not the point. The point is that the movie had a skinny boy who sang and Tumblr has horny girls on it and so the inevitable happened: The Once-ler Fandom. It mostly involves a character with no traits whatsoever making out with clones of himself. But also, there's a weird part?

This week, The F Plus trades our panties for a half a peck of sanity.

  1. The Lorax (2012) OST - How Bad Can I Be?
  2. Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 Portaxx is OVER Once-ler/Warden
2 00:00:12 How bad can this be?
3 00:00:33 Reader Intros
4 00:01:52 Hey F Plus!
5 00:04:55 What the Fuck is the Once-ler Fandom?
6 00:06:12 Seriously, What the Fuck Is This?
7 00:08:50 The Once-Lings
8 00:10:15 Once-luts
9 00:13:00 All About Oncest
10 00:18:00 Loki-ler
11 00:22:00 Creep-ler
12 00:27:33 One-ler
13 00:30:00 Once-Thing
14 00:31:05 Book-loving-onceler
15 00:33:45 Forge-ler
16 00:38:30 Wanna Make Out?
17 00:51:00 The Anti-Once-ler Fascists
18 00:56:00 And now, a list of Once-lers...
19 01:02:10 And now, another list of Once-lers...
20 01:05:45 And now, a list of Once-ler crossovers...
21 01:10:00 What did we learn?
23 01:16:30 self-sustaining tumblrism

Additional Fun

Hey, so do you want to see some of the Onceler drawings we found while recording this episode? No? You don't? Well, in that case, I put together an imgur page, but you probably shouldn't click on it.