F Plus Episode 380

380: The Gospel of Digimon


Project DigiClipse may or may not be a cult founded upon the spiritual belief in the childrens' cartoon Digimon. And it's time for us to learn more. We're starting at Facebook, but moving into several forums thru the ages to listen to brothers and sisters of the faith testify.

This week, The F Plus get head from Gurlemurglemon.

  1. 16 Horsepower - Black Soul Choir
  2. 16 Horsepower - For Heaven’s Sake (Live)
Cover image uses imagine The Digimon Pope by Lemon x Midjourney
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 Lemon's got 2 episodes
2 00:00:20 Reader Intros
3 00:01:46 Hey, F Plus
4 00:04:45 Just what is it about?
5 00:11:00 Let’s Get in the RDB Headspace
6 00:12:00 Most people consider Ashleigh insane
7 00:13:05 SeveredWings is new here
8 00:16:00 chiliwolf is a tamer
9 00:19:45 Your Digimon Experience
10 00:24:30 Do you have a Parter? How did you meet him/her?
11 00:30:30 I really want to know how to see my digimon
12 00:33:40 Have anyone of you ever been to the digiworld? how you went there? how is it?
13 00:39:05 What Is the Digital Association?
14 00:50:10 Totally Real, Actual Digimon Encounters
15 00:55:20 Is the Military Involved with Digimon?
16 00:58:30 Explosion and Solar Storms
17 00:59:50 I know who always has been my partner without me realizing!
18 01:02:45 What did we learn?
19 01:06:25 This outro was recorded 337 days later.
20 01:07:35 For Heaven's Sake (Live)

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