F Plus Episode 365

365: The Bimboification of The F Plus


Inteligence iz a u konw, relativ concept, and of absolutely kinda relativ uz. While many wudd venerate intellect and self-determination as key factorz of absolutely living a ful life, dere are otherz hu feal, like, such qualitiez are inherently unladylike. Now, dat may be concerning enugh by itself, butt it'z even more concerning when yah consider people are geting a boner fwom it. WE're spending ur evening on Tumblr and looking dwugh a absolutely considerable amunt of feederism in order to transform into bimboz.

Thiz weak, Thi F Pluz believez in ya. U can do it cockbwain!

  1. Nirvana - Dumb (Unplugged)
  2. Jim Reeves - BIMBO
Cover image uses Bimbo Hypno by MIZSpiral
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 Max Bimboing
2 00:00:04 Dumb
3 00:00:23 Reader Intros
4 00:01:56 Hey F Plus!
5 00:03:20 Lord of the Jiggles
6 00:06:33 Bimbosanddolls
7 00:08:50 Where to start your bimbo life
8 00:16:45 Bespoke Bimbos
9 00:22:54 i wanna be dumb
10 00:26:25 The Pig Thing
11 00:28:50 Different Types of Bimbos: 1950s Bimbo
12 00:32:55 Different Types of Bimbos: Standard Bimbo
13 00:35:22 Different Types of Bimbos: Bitchy Valley Girl
14 00:36:15 Different Types of Bimbos: Cowgirl Bimbo
15 00:37:55 Different Types of Bimbos: Alternative Bimbo
16 00:39:50 Different Types of Bimbos: Animal Bimbo
17 00:41:50 Different Types of Bimbos: Nerd Girl
18 00:47:30 Different Types of Bimbos: Brainless Fucktoy
19 00:52:12 10,000ccs of saline per breast
20 00:56:55 Make me your ditzy little bimbo arm candy.
21 01:00:50 needy-abby and stupid-obedient-laura
22 01:08:15 Bimbo Personality Quiz
23 01:12:30 What did we learn?
24 01:14:15 Oh wait, Frank West just found the English to Bimbo text converter...