F Plus Episode 366

366: Let's Do The Time Loaf Again

Semantic Weeb
Boots Raingear

Hang on, didn't the F Plus do a Mandela Effect episode before? Well, this reality has us going to the r/MandelaEffect subreddit, before realizing that r/Retconned is even stupider and spending all our time there instead.

This week, The F Plus is gonna drink Goldschläger until the loaf shifts.

  1. Archers of Loaf - Wrong
  2. Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock & Lemon - It Takes Two
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 Apparently Boots can't read?
2 00:00:30 Reader Intros
3 00:02:10 Hey, F Plus!
4 00:05:45 Possible Cause of the Mandela Effect
5 00:07:35 Mandela Effect: White Instead of Yellow Sun logical explanation for Biological Changes in us
6 00:12:45 Is the Mandela Effect a sign of an impending nuclear holocaust?
7 00:17:00 The rules of r/retconned
8 00:18:05 I've died, seen the afterlife and can maybe explain the Mandela effect.
9 00:25:25 I have an all powerful earth controlling weapon.
10 00:32:05 Apparently eggs aren't dairy anymore
11 00:33:50 Penis Fish??? WTF
12 00:35:45 Fred Flinstone's Catchphrase
13 00:36:45 Mars?!?
14 00:38:25 Inconsistent Sunset Times
15 00:40:45 What is baby corn?
16 00:42:00 I believe dogs used to sit more elegantly
17 00:44:30 Remember ovals?
18 00:46:10 Hop Topic Sexy Corner
19 00:49:25 And now, a message from the Medwedian President...
20 00:51:30 Okay, let's all learn a few things about Medwedia.
21 00:54:55 I swear woolly mammoth burgers were a thing
22 00:57:05 Is it me, or is water much wetter than it used to be?
23 00:59:25 no one really drunk alcohol because it didn’t have any kind of effect
24 01:25:25 I'm just a bro asking questions
25 01:03:30 Do you look people into the eyes when you talk to them?
26 01:05:50 The realm with no Vovols really sucked!
28 01:16:45 What did we learn?
29 01:22:10 It Takes Two (That's What Reality Is Made Up Of)
30 01:22:35 Everything Boots learned about sex*