F Plus Episode 367

367: Goodbye! Yahoo! Answers!

Mz. Saturn

After over 15 years of cultivating some of the dumbest questions The Internet has ever pondered, a series of truly horrific business decisions forced Yahoo Answers to shut down permanently on May 4th of 2021. Our memorial episode may not be timely, it may not be well thought out, and it may not be informative - but in all those ways, this episode is representative of Yahoo Answers itself.

This week, The F Plus is burning all our documents (but unrelated to that, Jeff had a fantastic orange)

  1. Mission of Burma - Academy Fight Song
  2. Lush - Ciao!
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 Woah! It's a dog on a skateboard!
2 00:00:16 Reader Intros
3 00:01:45 Hey F Plus! (Lie to me.)
4 00:04:52 my girlfriend is supose to manstrate on the 6th of next months and we had sex last night can she still get pre
5 00:06:10 Let's get down to brass tax: What will it cost to have my urethral opening surgically rerouted to the tip of my left index finger?
6 00:07:00 Could I sue the government and win for liposuction and a tummy tuck? ?
7 00:14:10 chinese crested dog is it nice to you?
8 00:14:53 Who is the moron that thinks that pi tb ull is 2 words?
9 00:15:55 Should I get another Chihuahua?
10 00:17:40 Goku vs Batman?
11 00:20:25 Please, PLEASE read! Interpret the dream I had last night
12 00:25:10 What did my dad just say to me?
13 00:25:40 Will my laptop get heavier if I put more files on it?
14 00:26:20 Does spider have pusspuss?
15 00:27:15 to get rid of all a bats in my arttic should i buy 100 snakes and put them in my attic?
16 00:28:30 Where can I buy a frog? (Not for sexual reasons)?
17 00:29:30 thog dont c aare
18 00:30:10 Why does nintendo make bad pokemon like pidgey or ratata instead if making cool good pokemon like mewtwo only?
19 00:32:20 is he being a dick or am I wrong?
20 00:34:00 What is the hottest Undertale Character?
21 00:35:30 Do women get knocked out more easily than men?
24 01:01:40 some alternative sites to Yahoo answers...
25 01:06:30 Ciao!
26 01:07:00 Woah! It's a dog on a skateboard!

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