F Plus Episode 373

373: Private Lessons in the Cultivation of SEX FORCE

Boots Raingear

The redditors of r/SemenRetention are believers in a clandestine warfare they believe has been waged to keep down the underclass by continually robbing them of their semen. These true believers therefore are determined to maximize their personal inventory of semen... by any means necessary.

This week, The F Plus summons The Aetheric Ass.

  1. Quiet Riot - Cum On Feel The Noize
  2. 1.6 Band - Pushing Shit Back Into My Ass
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 Lemon doesn't read
2 00:00:23 Cum On, Feel The Noize
3 00:00:48 Reader Intros
4 00:02:20 Hey, F Plus!
5 00:05:15 Why the elites want you to keep ejaculating
6 00:09:00 Why the elites want you to keep ejaculating: A Correction
7 00:09:50 Why the elites want you to keep ejaculating: RebortLotus did the research
8 00:10:40 Think about the beauty of a beautiful woman.
9 00:17:00 Not Going to College Because of Semen Retention
10 00:24:50 Experience getting extra semen from a friend
11 00:29:50 Computer screens are draining your life force!
13 00:40:00 Semen Retention and low fertility rate in white people?
14 00:44:00 The_Semen_Jihadi responds..
15 00:45:50 Do any of you, on your journey to self improvement, read literature?
16 00:48:35 PURPOSE
17 00:49:45 Been pissing out semen all day long today, what's going on
18 00:54:00 day 57 ath full program no flatline no pmo no wd
19 00:59:50 This Subreddit should be shut down.
20 01:03:30 What did we learn?
21 01:07:30 Pushing Shit Back Into My Ass