F Plus Episode 372

372: Loohan vs The Lizartarians

Tipsy Almond
Adam Bozarth

Loohan doesn't care much for Reptilians. Or anyone else for that matter. You see, Loohan's general worldview is... actually, really hard to suss out out. He believes in space monsters, and religious conspiracies, and some weird race/gender stuff we cut out of this episode, but he has the intellectual thruline of a streetcorner man wearing a sandwich board. It's a delight!

This week, The F Plus needs to consult with The Committee.

  1. Coburn - We Interrupt This Program
  2. Talking Heads - Mind
Chapters provided by Lemon
1 00:00:00 Reader Intros
2 00:01:27 Hey F Plus!
3 00:04:35 An Introduction to Loohan. Like uh.... sort of?
4 00:15:55 Orgone Technical Bulletin # 38: Getting Rid of Demos
5 00:25:30 Throwing Rocks From A Moving Car For The GOD FORCE
6 00:31:32 Plastic Robocop
7 00:37:30 Orgone Technical Bulletin #31: Big Rock Units
8 00:44:42 Hollywood Mind Control & Flouride Satanism
9 00:52:20 The Slovenian People
10 00:53:20 Chembusting
11 00:57:40 Bricks
12 01:02:35 What did we learn?
13 01:07:10 Mind