Episode 85: Drowning In A Bucket of Words

READERS: STOG, Portaxx, Adam Bozarth, Isfahan, and Lemon

Edited by Lemon

A bunch of this content was provided by Montrith.

Here is some poetry. It is butt.

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  1. A Juggalo Poem by Sorrowcurse
  2. School School School by BethanyBallet
  3. Kids These Days
  4. I Want Into Mary's Twat by BigBob
  5. The Lonelyness Of The Social Networking Widower by Marcus De Sade (zenithquasar77)
  6. Rhianna Is A Dickslap! by Marcus De Sade (zenithquasar77)
  7. shit by raven.lilith. blackwood (thymorbidmisstrs)
  8. Hippo love by nevski pazza
  9. The Butterchav Effect by nevski pazza
  10. Grrr 2 by nevski pazza
  11. Chris Martin Is Cock by The Marcus De Sade (zenithquasar77)
  12. Well, Fuck Me From For Having A Opinion!! by The Marcus De Sade (zenithquasar77)
  13. Sore Balls by The Marcus De Sade (zenithquasar77)
  14. Lost Verses From The Cypher Siccness by Full-Metal Rebel


  • Skinny Puppy - I'mmortal
  • Gang of Four - I Found That Essence Rare


  • Would you believe DeepUndergroundPoetry has more than one poem titled "shit"? Do a search
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Episode 84: Elisha Cuthbert Has To Pee Sometimes

READERS: STOG, Kumquatxop, Portaxx, Boots Raingear, Adam Bozarth, and Lemon

Edited by Boots Raingear

Explaining his methodology for creating tension in his films, Alfred Hitchcock said "There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it." This sums up the fetish of our subjects quite well, as long as you substitute "the bang" with "peeing". And substitute "terror" with "boner". And... well, you should probably misspell all the other words just to make it thematically appropriate. In this episode, we're looking at the writings of omoroshi fetishists — persons whom (for reasons known only to themselves) the idea of needing to pee is super duper hot. This week, you'll grit your death in agony.

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  1. How can you tell if someone is into omorashi
  2. Colour of Pee
  3. Videogame Wetting
  4. Severus Snape and the office chair
  5. My EPIC Story
  6. Superpwrful piss
  7. Desperate Girls In Tv Shows


  • Harry Nilsson - I'd Rather Be Dead Than Wet The Bed
  • Jiz - Let's Have A Pee Pee


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Episode 83: Just The 160,000 Of Us

READERS: John Toast, Portaxx, STOG, Boots Raingear, Bunnybread, Isfahan, and Lemon

Edited by Portaxx

Some people believe that it's poor form to make fun of people with legitimate mental issues. We have a slightly different ethical stance on the matter, mostly centered around the fact that Connie Marshall makes us all giggle. But anyway, if you were to have this standard, where would you draw the line? If people with schizophrenia are off-limits, what about people who don't have schizophrenia, but pretend like they do? Wouldn't that just be a different kind of mental disorder? And if those people were banging on about how they're being persecuted by the "singlets", wouldn't that drain any compassion you might otherwise feel? To test all of these, we're exploring Multiple Systems - a complicated architecture drawn by people whose brains are basically a television with a hyperactive remote. This week, we're running out of voodka.

Some content for this episode was provided by VK.

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  1. Living Plural FAQ
  2. We Are Magneton
  3. A night in Hell with headmates
  4. Messing With Headmates
  5. On intrasystem dating
  6. Multie Highs
  7. Singlet Privilege Checklist
  8. Discrimination tastes like candy!
  9. Stop Telling Me I'm Wrong
  10. I Shouldn't Have To Work


  • Lou Rawls - Pure Imagination
  • Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son
  • Bill Withers - Just The Two of Us


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Episode 82: I Sink I Love You

READERS: Portaxx, Isfahan, Acierocolotl, Boots Raingear, Kumquatxop, and Lemon

Edited by Isfahan

As third wave feminism took hold in the 1990's, popular culture found themselves once again looking at the power dynamics of sexuality. Could a woman be strong and independent while still bandying around words like “slut”? Perhaps. Can people live self-actualized lives and still secretly crave a certain sense of helplessness and longing for the strength of another? Probably. Is this a terrible summary for an episode that's all about ladies getting stuck in quicksand? Undoubtedly. We're exploring QuicksandFans.com - a site for people who really like to think about other people getting stuck in preposterous situations only slightly less embarassing than Mitt Romney's current campaign. This week, the F Plus learns the correct way to measure how much room there is in your bog.

The majority of this content was provided by Chaz Gelf.

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  1. Which is better? (Tidal or River Mud)
  2. serious question
  3. Sinking while high/intoxicated?
  4. Thoughts on a Quicksand Video Game?
  5. New form of perversion on wow
  6. a series of video summaries from Mud Puddle Visuals (NSFW!)
  7. Boggy content in Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO.)
  8. more dirty limericks
  9. Was the Porn found in Bin laden's compound Quicksand videos?


  • Sugarland - Stuck Like Glue
  • Martha and the Vandellas - Quicksand
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IRREGULAR #3: Asexuals



Released September 24th, 2012

Now it's time for the asexuals to get their say! We sat down with three webcomic artists who have no shame in telling you that they have not had sex in their lives. Might they do so in the future? That was discussed in a great conversation that went from racists who want promiscuous children to things to do in Las Vegas when you're asexual to the correct title of a Pixar parody porn title, and all logical points in between.

Keetah's webcomic: Villian | Icarus' webcomic: Inhuman | Chaz Gelf's webcomic: Intergalactic Truckstop

Music: L'Aguardiente by Camper Van Beethoven

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A Whole New Way To Submit Content

Hello, I am a pointless stock photo. Ignore me.

Why, hi there!

Real quick, I just wanted to talk to you about submissions for a sec: We get a lot. Like, probably two or three a day. And that's great. The problem is, a lot of these submissions are compiled into a giant spreadsheet which has been around since The F Plus started, and we don't do a lot of housekeeping on that file. What I'm saying is: It's a goddamn mess, and as more submissions come in, it just gets more harder to navigate.

So to help with that, I redid the submit content page to explain the new system. If you still want to submit with the old system, feel free, but just keep in mind that it's less ideal and more likely to get your submission lost in the shuffle.

Also, if you've submitted stuff before using the old system, and you've always questioned why we never got to it, I'd very much recommend you to put a document together and submit it with the new system. Could be that the submission got lost, or it could be that we saw the one piece and couldn't imagine what the rest of the episode would look like.

You guys have been terrific at supplying us with content the last year or so, it's about time we adopted a new system to make better use of it all. Thanks.

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Episode 81: Fear And Loathing of Las Chicas


READERS: Isfahan, Portaxx, Bunnybread, Boots Raingear, and Lemon

Edited by Isfahan

As each generation ages, it looks back on the mistakes of generations before and tries to make changes. As a result, the status and politics of gender are in constant upheaval, as men and women are constantly redefining what it means to be a member of their sex. Learned sociologists have explored what it is to be a man, and our subject for this episode is not one of them. Instead, we're reading the musings of Michael Byc. He considers himself an alpha male as well as a writer, though we're left to guess which of these two things he thinks he's better at. This week, we're all wearing sandals.

This episode was suggested by Montrith.

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  1. Colonel Perspicacity a novel(?) by Michael Byc
  2. Who is Michael Byc?
  3. Why is Michael Byc?
  4. Oh shit! Between recording this episode and putting it online, Michael Byc's WordPress site has been marked private. As such, we don't have links to any of the items on his blog


  • Notorious B.I.G. - One More Chance
  • David Allan Coe - Don't Bite the Dick


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Episode 80: Disliking This Episode Is A Form Of Harassment

READERS: bumpgrrl, John, Boots Raingear, Bunnybread, and Lemon

Edited by Lemon

A civilized society is a society of laws, but problems may occur when brilliant and cunning individuals find ways to circumvent the spirit of a law while adhering cynically to its letter. Our subject for this episode, Jonathan Lee Riches, is neither brilliant nor cunning, and it was his many thousand daliances with the legal community that got him a fair amount of gawker attention, and nothing much else. Can one man bring down the entire legal system just by filing frivolous lawsuit? Nope! Seems like he can't but that won't make him stop trying. This week, various buddhist monks finally get what's coming to them.

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  1. Jonathan Lee Riches vs. Michael Vick
  2. Jonathan Lee Riches vs. OJ Simpson
  3. Jonathan Lee Riches vs. Lots & Lots of People
  4. Jonathan Lee Riches vs. Kim Kardashian I
  5. Jonathan Lee Riches vs. Kim Kardashian II
  6. Jonathan Lee Riches vs. Kim Kardashian III
  7. Jonathan Lee Riches vs. Charles Carreon


  • The Law & Order Music
  • The Law & Order Noise
  • Cracker - Lonesome Johnny Blues

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Episode 79: Help Me Help Rob Help You

READERS: Boots Raingear, Portaxx, Nutshell Gulag, John, Jimmyfranks, and Lemon

Edited by Boots Raingear

Like any modern internet citizens, we mourn the loss of AskJeeves.com. Back in its heyday, you could ask Jeeves any question, and the software would provide a response. Okay, sure - the response that Jeeves would give would have nothing to do with your question, and would instead try to point you to the website of its sponsor, but at least it was comforting that whatever your question was, Jeeves felt he has an answer. As it happens, over at the website eHelp.com, there's a similar situation. Except instead of poorly written alogrithm that randomly selects a sponsor, eHelp has one guy, or maybe it's a parrot. Anyway, you'll find out when you listen. This week, The F Plus learns if slavery was a good or a bad thing.

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  1. Lots and lots of stuff. I don't think we kept a list this time, sorry.


  • They Might Be Giants - Where Do They Make Balloons?
  • Faith No More - Helpless


This drawing is by Zamza

Zamza Presents: Birth of a Rob
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Episode 78: The Devil Went Down To Tumblr

READERS: Nutshell Gulag, Portaxx, bumpgrrl, Boots Raingear, Jack Chick, Acierocolotl, and John.

Edited by Portaxx

As the debate about the United States being a Christian Nation™ rages on (mostly in the form of poorly conceived Chick-Fil-A marketing efforts), we at The F Plus (excluding its leader, who spent the week on other pursuits) found ourselves wondering: What is the truest vision of Hell, and is Brokencyde making records there? Fortunately for us all, Tumblr exists, and if there ever was a more informative website than Tumblr, I haven't seen it. Full disclosure: The writer of this summary has only ever seen Tumblr and CatsThatLookLikeHitler.com. This week, The F Plus has a coupon for half of any sandwich energy.

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  1. rant.
  2. Rules For Commenting/System Notes/Boundaries/FAQ
  3. Noise Breather Bats (Undertone Screech Scratch Huff Huff)* - Children of Asherah, Children of Lilith
  4. Dracht Marriage - Children of Asherah, Children of Lilith
  6. Aspect of Amduscias - Lord of Metal - Children of Asherah, Children of Lilith
  7. In Remembrance.
  8. and then some quotes from Tumblr


  • Fantasia OST - Night on Bald Mountain
  • Ave Maria


Just so you can always remember this episode, Portaxx wants to supply you with your own new demonic wallpaper. Just look at those demons! They are fucking terrifying!

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