Some people drew these...

Grinders nerds of the future ~ art by eldritchhat
DIY Grinder Kit ~ art by Sanguinary Novel
Tax your people harder, slut! ~ art by eldritchhat
200 Gold  Accept Slut ~ art by Sauce
BEAST and geeky girl face off against the buttplug monster ~ art by Spooks
toothpaste is a fetish ~ art by Sauce
If There's Anything Creepy About Me... ~ art by Spooks
100 Bimboland Bucks ~ art by Beelzeboob
art by dijon du jour
Bimbonetta ~ art by eldritchhat
Fart Slut the Free Thinker ~ art by Mix
art by Sanguinary Novel
It's not Darwin Day, it's Hitchslap Day ~ art by Sauce
Greetings From Bimbo Dot Land ~ art by Spooks
art by dijon du jour
are you boys ready to get naughty? ~ art by eldritchhat
All Flappers All The Time ~ art by Sauce
magickal buttplugs ~ art by eldritchhat
prying open my third eye ~ art by Sauce
art by Spooks
She lies! She did not swallow it! ~ art by Sauce
U CLAPPIN AWFUL ~ art by Spooks
dingo ate my dildo ~ art by renew
grey | tall grey | extra tall grey | super tall grey ~ art by Amelia Blank
squirt guns of the year ~ art by Amelia Blank
full metal jacket the animated series ~ art by eldritchhat
fishfahan says you are in a world of shit ~ art by eldritchhat
The D'Deer ~ art by eldritchhat
art by eldritchhat
samurai dog ~ art by Puppy Time
samurai dog DVD ~ art by Puppy Time
that robot has a bomb in her butt ~ art by Deep 13
Deep 13
please listen. ~ art by Shell Game
art by Dr. Buttplug
Dr. Buttplug
art by lobsterkiahl
art by Tipsy Almond
Tipsy Almond
I worship Chris Cantelmo and all I got was this lousy t-shirt ~ art by Tipsy Almond
Tipsy Almond
art by Positronic
art by Spooks
Cinnabon Snake ~ art by Amelia Blank
art by Amelia Blank
art by eldritchhat
Boots gave Frank West $21 for this. ~ art by LuckyNumbers
the sword ~ art by A Meat
the sword ~ art by Amelia Blank
the sword ~ art by chai tea latte
the sword ~ art by Deep 13
Deep 13
the sword (v1) ~ art by Sham Bam Bamina
the sword (v2, with umbrella) ~ art by Sham Bam Bamina
the sword ~ art by Skeeps

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